Lilla: Demo

This is the song « Lilla » which I coproduced with my friend Adam Chalk. Lilla has been inspired by a Gurara rhythm from Mecheria (Algeria) and is both characterized by its reggae flair and its andalusian flavour.
« A message of peace and love for all those suffering from inequalities and false ideologies. (laâfou).»
Production /arrangement:
A.Chalk/ Z.Tebboune
Composition / Lyrics:
(programing, keyboard / E-basse)
(Vocals, B-vocals, perc, guembrie, gnibrie, gasba, guitars/ oud)
Guest Musicians :
Messabihi (accordion/perc)
Afi Seschi Regina (Baking-voc)
Naoual.B (youyou)
Giuseppe Cappola (drum)

Kebda Kebda

This song is the first of two collaborations between the music of Zakaria Tebboune and the poetry of Hélène Pintier. The music is born for the lyrics: a story told in three moments – the moment of the lovers’ dialog, that of the ending passion and that of the story telling.

Composition, production, arrangement & vocals:
Poem & backing voc:

Demain tu partiras

This is the second collaboration of both artists in which the lyrics are born out of the music. This song has been written and composed in the current times marked by forced migration. This is the story of a painful separation. Written like a farewell letter, it reflects, in an intimate way, our revolt against the inhuman immigration politics in Europe.

Composition, production & arrangement:
Poem & Vocals: H.Pintier
Derbouka: M.Messabihi
Flute: Fuasi Abdulkhaliq

Thanks to my friends for their friendly and warming participation. Thanks to Adam Chalk for his advice and the technical help during the audio work.
Thanks to Hélène  for the text translation.