:::Miloud is quite shy on stage but his talent is spectacular. He is a passionate musician who is always pushing away the limits of virtuosity. He embodies the musical history of Roots Raï .
He was born an grew up in Ain Temouchant , one of the birthplaces of Raï music such as Oran, Ghelizane, Mostaganem, Sidi Bel-Abbès or Saïda.
He started to play music in weddings as he was very young and learned playing keyboards and percussion. Soon, he became a professionnal musician and became rapidly part of the band of the legendary trumpet player Bellemou with whom he collaborated during a decade.

After having been involved in many projects such as Tassilli, Laouina and Side by Side in Berlin, Miloud took part in creating his current band Nomad Sound System which won the “Creole” music award in 2006 and is becoming more and more successful inside and beyond the German borders.

In spite of his full timetable, he regularly contributes to Zakaria’s musical projects. He joined in Laouina in 2002 and in Malgeria in 2004/2005, performing an interpretation of the late diva Cheikha Rimitti’s song “Saïda” that is full of emotion. He currently takes part in GnawArt Project and collaborates with Zakaria for the production of this project's album.