Live trance music and video performance

This project came to be, by the grace of the hard work and patience of the composer and producer Zakaria Tebboune along with the motivation of all friends. It was by no means easy.

GnawArt Project is more of an experience than just a band performance. Each of the songs is an invitation to travel. The musicians and visual artist take the audience on a trip from North Africa to North America via West Africa, France and other parts of Europe with Jamaica along the way. At times, it's hard to tell whether you are listening to music from the Gnawas or the Kabyles, the Roots of Jamaican Reggae or exploring sonic spheres.
GnawArt Project performs original interpretations of north-african traditionals mixed in with Zakaria’s compositions. Some of the lyrics are in Arabic dialect, others in French. Whilst listening to the music, you can note that all existing genres, borders and “compartments” disappear. Sudden breaks alternate with harmonious fusions not only between various styles but also between different arts – video, music and poetry combined at the core.
GnawArt Project’s musicians have different geographical and musical backgrounds and their stage and studio experiences expand from Algerian raï to Berlin’s world music and electro scene to the classic and modern jazz repertoire. The group’s members are involved in other bands and projects, assisting in the diversity of their artistic experiences and influences into the music. Thus resulting in a unique and special style.